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What Gym Ledger about?


Gym ledger is one of the most interesting and innovative blockchain companies in the world that provide people with the opportunity to make money from participating in sports. The main aim of the project is to train or partake in any physical activity that allows one to receive payment in line with the level of intensity of the exercise involved.

The gym ledger reward and its blockchain network is not like other networks, considering that the miners utilize in the project are mobile applications. Instead of making use of computing energy equipment, training in the sports and gym becomes the other of the day.

Presently, we are living in a world where many people do not monitor or check on their health status. Most times, the excuse is due to the inability to find the proper time to bypass ones’ routine due to stressful business or social commitment. This are some of the things that Gym Ledger developers seek to rectify. The Gym Reward developers seek to overcome a similar problem of sitting and spending many hours in the office doing extensive work, with little or no time to visit the gym or to take part in warm up. As a result, the company has decided to implement this complex, ambitious, but very useful project.


Functional Roles Offers by Gym Ledger ICO

The gym ledger is designed to function in two different ways. The first is that it is designed to function as a means of health band that assists in monitoring cardiovascular activities for sustainable health. The second function of the project is to serve as a hardware wallet as a means of safeguarding your cryptocurrency while also providing a sound capability of making use of gym ledger token staking.

To ensure you are able to take part in this project and make profitable use of it, you will be given a gym ledger device provided that you meet the minimum requirement of the specific amount.


GYM Ledger Problem to solve

For people who are working out in the gym as a way of correcting their figures, they might sometimes have the necessary amount of motivation to perform it regularly. It is no secret for many people that for them to achieve the desired result, one has to make necessary efforts on self-improvement, since every gym classes require participants to visit the gym only after they have attained some level of improvement, including complying with a strict dietary plan.

However, a lot of people find it difficult to adhere to the new regime, considering most of such people take little or no thought about when the needed to eat, what time to sleep and rest so that they can be able to meet up with their next training session.

As humans, we know and understand that the life is all about mobility, and every little exercise we can muster is vital for our body health. As we age, lack of physical activity can affect the body due to the development of cardiovascular diseases and other ailments such as high blood pressure. Hence, doctors have always recommended that people should take some minutes of walk in the fresh air or take part in some form of routine exercises. This is what Gym Ledger ICO is out to do.

A Unique System of Cryptocurrency.  Since what we are talking about is a system that propagates the use of cryptocurrency, the security of our funds is a challenge every one of us needs to consider. Taking care of your own safety is, of course, a paramount thing to do, but it would be better if we do it in advance and securely so we do not become victims of unpleasant surprises.

From the foregoing, we can rightly deduce that;

  • People lack the necessary and proper motivation to achieve results
  • Lack of proper and adequate physical health activities results in health challenges
  • Insufficient knowledge and lack of proper skills mean some people cannot protect themselves in the cryptocurrency world.


How Gym Ledger aims to solve the problem

The management team of Gym Ledger has come out with an innovate solution to fix the various problems mentioned above.  The solution offered by Gym Ledger is strictly focused on using decentralized functioning mobile application device that fully controlled by Proof of Exercise Protocol. With this unique scheme, users of this project will be able to earn and receive what is known as GYM tokens during their workouts.

The registry of the blockchain network is decentralized, and its operability is maintained through sound computational capabilities. All of these are possible using mining farms and computers. The GY Reward process allows miners to undertake the functionality of miners’ mobile device.


The GYM ecosystem works by;

  1. A fully functional mobile app that is available for iOS and Android devices, in which the applications collect readings from bracelets as well as calculate the level of physical activity and place token charge accordingly.
  2. Bracelet using wallet functions include bracelets for tracking heart rates.
  3. Use of Proof of Exercise
  4. Exchange for tokens using GYMBase Exchange that allows the easy sale and earning of tokens.



For those who are looking forward to a regular workout, Gym Ledger is the way out for them to achieve their purpose. The platform is very intuitive and its one-click process will enable everyone to have the right kind of workout and platform to use.

Links to GymLedger:

Websites: https://gymledger.com


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