Commodities Trading Revolutionized Decentralized Physical Commodities Trade on Blockchain

What is KRATOS about?

What is KRATOS and how precisely does it work? Why will we want it? How will it beautify the global physical commodities trading industry? How will it make sure a extra obvious transaction method? This quick video will solution all your platform related queries and assist you higher apprehend the generation behind KRATOS.

Watch this ultra-modern video to recognize why KRATOS can revolutionize the physical commodities buying and selling industry.


KRATOS is a decentralized platform for change in goods that notably transforms and improves global trade in bodily goods at some stage in the product existence cycle. Problems of commodity trade consist of loss of believe, manual documentation and useless intermediaries. These issues frequently bring about good sized time delays and high costs. KRATOS is a Platform primarily based on Ethereum, which uses Blockchain technology and Smart contracts to resolve those problems. As a result, the Platform KRATOS presents transparency, better efficiency and less complexity than some other current system. The use of this platform will result in extra well timed deliveries and decrease charges.

The challenges in trading commodities

Insufficient trust: The bodily commodity trading method lacks transparency in phrases of origin, nice and amount of the ordered commodities in addition to the shipment information. Hence, shoppers can’t totally consider their buying and selling companions and come to be involving mediators inclusive of brokers, personal investigators, and arbitrators and many others.

Documents: Transactions can also encompass a sizable quantity of manual management due to discrepancies in documentation. Manual documentation is each time-eating and prone to mistakes. Hence, manual documentation not simplest leads to a few weeks worth of postpone of however additionally consequences in elevated expenses.

Quality assurance: Physical commodities require important best warranty. But global locations in which most goods are typically manufactured have very lenient supervision and safety. Even files may be without problems altered. Given the dearth of transparency in the system, excellent guarantee stays questionable in commodities buying and selling.

Secured capital: Given the modern market state of affairs, SME’s face demanding situations when in search of help from Financial establishments in acquiring right investment for commodity buying and selling. Despite having met the stringent economic necessities for alternate finance and the due diligence test, SMEs are appreciably much less probably to acquire funding of the identical quality as large gamers due to the constrained visibility and insufficient evaluation from capacity financiers.

Token Information

Token name: TOS

Token value: 1000 TOS = 1 ETH

Total supply: 300,000,000

Pre-ICO period: 80,000,000

ICO period crowdsale: 85,000,000

Token type: Ethereum ERC-20

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