a new decentralized approach towards electrocardiography

What Heartbit about?

Introduction to Heartbit:

Heartbit is a decentralized blockchain based electrocardiography technology which strives to use Artificial intelligence in its ECG analyzing devices. A secure Heartbit platform will be offered with the use of distributed ledger technology which will help to search for the most suitable agreement for the health insurance scheme. The health related important information can be recorded and monitor easily with the system and products offered by Heartbit. With the aim to improve the health condition globally, Heartbit is going to start its worldwide health care program. Sometime an unmentioned irregularity can lead to severe heart problem. So, the consumers are able to track the heart beat in all states which will save them from the error of irregularities in their ECG.

What is the problem in the market?

Due to the increase in stressful office work, the people get less time to get involve in physical activities. According to a recent report, more than 17 million people die from CVD each year all over the world. Lots of dollars are spend to treat the heart disease but it is creating a burden in life. Although with the evolution of technology better medicines and gadgets are available in the market but still they are not efficient enough to deal with the whole heart condition perfectly. The expensive treatment consumes both sources and time of a person. The wearable heart analyzing devices are released in the market but the geographical and payments restrictions causing the main barrier for the regular use of these products.

What is the solution provided by Heartbit?

To solve the above mentioned issues and incorporate the ECG wireless medical gadget in the life of the regular users, Heartbit is on its way to monitor the heart condition of the consumer during physical activity and rest. The advance technology helps to detect the potential problem from atrial fibrillation to arrhythmia and notify the person in case of risk. Without the implementation of any additional social or economic burden, Heartbit wants to become the best preventive measure against severe heart diseases with following strategies:

Record and analysis: The recorded data is analyzed for the selection of relevant monitoring and the results are appeared on the dashboard of the consumer with the advice and treatment strategies.

Daily alerts: To maintain and develop daily physical activity routine, alerts and warning are generated regularly. The training routine is set after the regular monitoring of the consumer daily life activities via machine learning activity of the algorithm. It will decrease the tension to visit the doctor for a proper medical checkup or ECG.

Access to premium level: The premium level of services will allow the users to get benefits from the consultation with medical experts, physical trainers and nutritionists. The heartbit token will be used to initiate the reward program.

What are the main features of this platform?

  • 24 hours recording: The ECG data is recorded and analyze continuously all the time from sleep to morning walk and at work.
  • Machine learning Technology and AI: To monitor the physical activity of the Heartbit device user, the IBM Watson based machine learning technology is used with AI.
  • Data security: The user heart state information remains secured with the use of blockchain technology and Heartbit is giving the data sharing ownership to the users. They can share their ECG information and reports directly to any person anytime.
  • Sensors: The environmental sensors are used in the Heartbit gadgets to detect the harmful gases. It is also help to determine the suitable environment condition and place for physical activity.
  • Personal plans: On the basis of your selected goal and current heart status, your special training plan is decided.
  • Monitoring: Just feel free and participate in your sports without any health care tension. To detect, monitor and notify the heart beat problem, a special customized algorithm is being developed. The electrical impulses between body and heart are continuously measured to reduce the risk of stroke or heart problem.
  • Precise and accurate: To get a clear algorithm signal, the extra noises are avoided and filtered with the combination of software with hardware.
  • Heartbit app: To keep a track of your previous reports and to get the best training tools, use the Heartbit app and create your own social network. The user friendly interface and mobile app will decrease the cost and social burden.

Which token is used by this platform?

Heartbit is using a utility token HBIT which is based upon ERC20 standard. This token is best to buy the services and products on the platform. The users can get the HBIT token after participating in the Heartbit rewards scheme where the users are rewarded for their consistent physical activity and better performance. The HBIT token is also used to get access to medical information by the research institutes.

Token details:

  • Token name: HBIT token
  • Soft cap: 3 million USD
  • Hard cap: 30 million USD
  • Accepted cryptocurrency: BTC, ETH and BCH
  • Supply: 200 million HBIT

Token allocation:

  • Reserve: 20%
  • Basic reserve: 5%
  • Bounty program and advisors: 5%
  • For sale: 70%


Heartbit strives to revolutionized the traditional heart monitoring ECG technique with the daily fitness checker. With the combination of special heart device, power bank, app and member zone, Heartbit is going to offer special training advice with real time analysis. In near future this platform will become the high standard ecosystem with best doctors and advance heart monitoring devices. If you want to know any further things about Heartbit or its ICO then visit the main Heartbit site for more details.

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