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What is Contractium about?


Introduction – the logic behind the Contractium Network

One major essence of the blockchain technology is to ease the rigorous bureaucracy that surrounds business and financial transactions and simplify the way in which people engage in transactions. People that engage in financial transactions and all that culminate in economic activities should be able to make speedy and secured transactions through smart contract creation, and this is exactly what Contractium is looking forward to accomplishing.

Considering the fact that the original ethereum blockchain technologies are seriously dependent on the actual proof of work (PoW) formula, it becomes necessary to create a wise-ethereum based agreement innovative system that will safeguard industrial contracts between contracting personalities. The only way to do this is through smart contracts which must be designated as such that they are readily available and speedily executed.

Contractium ICO has taken the initiative to realize this vital necessity.

How does Cintractium work?      

The Contractium ICO system is a unique software program cleverly designed to display the actual evidence of an agreement, that is, the confirmation of the risk undertaken, as against the evidence of its function. The Contractium software is a decentralized one that works on the ethereum smart contract to help users create smart contracts in a friendly way. Interest persons can create smart contracts through mobile, web applications or from their desktop computers.

The sole aim of Contractium ICO is to do away with the manual process of print contracts requiring signatures between two or more parties entering a contractual obligation. It is also seeking to make it possible for all future contracts to succeed without the approval of a public notary of such other third parties, as the case may be.

The Contractium ICO functions as a software-service rendering-platform that assist organizations to make use of smart contracts as:

  1. A reliable payment gateway (within the borders of those countries that accept cryptocurrency as an internationally recognized liquidity).
  2. A reliable online reward system that cut across the entire world.


Blockchain Application

The Contractium ICO is based strictly on the ethereum blockchain, and it’s all about the creation of smart contracts, which in turn, would be integrated directly into the primary workings of the business internal networks flow.  Contractium will be running on a much friendlier Graphical User Interface (UX/GUI) which is even better and easier for users to create smart contracts with just a few clicks. It will feature a drag and drop process that will be very simple to understand and utilize.

Contractium has a network known as CTU which, along with the network crypto fuel, will assist online based businesses to change the way their reward their faithful customers.

What is the need for CTU?

It is a fact that Ethereum blockchain technology strictly revolves around the PoW algorithm, but which is now planning to switch over to PoS—Proof-of-Stake. This is the primary reason that necessitated the creation of Contractium—the ICO that is also based on the Rthereum, but with the PoC—Proof-of-Contract.

How is CTU created?

As stated earlier, CTUisn a fuel, an element that must be gotten, which serve as a contract value, and is deployed for the signing of smart commercial contracts on contractors apps.

Apart from being a contract, CTU is also accepted as a type of payment made by a customer and a business (contracter and contractor) when in the active course of the agreement in ordering or have order online goods/services.

In that case, CTU becomes a definite incentive used in making operational procedures between parties 02 and is based on a Contractium blockchain network, making it very reliable as such that one party can get additional CTU back fully by the CTU award network policy.

Proffering a befitting solution ti a problem

What the Cntractium ICO ideology seems to have done is to compliment the fact that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology are going to become more famous in a lot of countries including Singapore, Japan, HongKong, Canada, Israel, and Australia. This will later spread all across the world in the foreseeable future.

It will come to a stage that people who use the internet will either sign the smart contract and/or e-contract, as first mentioned by Nick Szabo, in 1994.

And as progress are made rapidly, payment method will become more advanced and applicable for all online based businesses, including reward/bonus system for loyal customers.

Contractium ICO Token Details

The token name is CTU, which is the main fuel of the platform.

  • Token symbol: CTU
  • Token supply: 3,000,000,000
  • Token for sales: 1,500,000,000
  • ICO token-price: 01 ETH = 15,000 CTU
  • Pre-ICO & ICO: 900,000,000
  • Contractium Team: 200,000,000
  • Foundation reserved: 100,000,000
  • Advisors & Partners: 100,000,000
  • Bounty & Marketing: 200,000,000


At a time when the modern world is experiencing diversification across all human sectors, it is only normal that businesses have a better way to execute a contract and enjoy what they think is important in the heart of their businesses.  Supporting Contractium is the ideal way to make things happen across the contractual world of business.

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